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Vilvam Construction believes the Architecture of a Building transforms the lifestyle of the Users on a Passive way. A Builiding with ample Natural Lighting and Cross ventilation brings in Positive vibration and a elated thought process in the minds of User. We respect the local traditions like Vastu and other Design Principles and try to incorporate them in our Design. We stick to our Design Philosophy of Simplicity and Elegance, uncompromising on Client requirements and Architectural Principles.

Pre-Design Process

  • Understanding the Client requirements and preparation of Design Brief.
  • Site Visit, to understand the Site surroundings, Topography, Natural resources, Infrastructure available and othe Constraints if any
  • Documentation of Project specific Guidelines & all applicable Building Bye-laws.
  • Documentation of Local Climatic conditions, Cultural & Traditional requirements.

Design Process

  • Preperation of Schematic Floor Plans
  • Preperation of Conceptual Elevation Design
  • Ratification of Drawings based on Structural / Other Consultants inputs.

Understanding the Client requirements and preparation of Design Brief.

  • Detailed Floor Plans
  • Detailed Elevation Drawings
  • Detailed Section Drawings
  • Joinery Details
  • Electrical Layouts
  • Plumbing Layouts
  • Tiling Layouts
  • Painting Drawings